Meet Brian

Brian Vazquez is a writer, author and content strategist based in New York and Boston. When he’s not writing, he’s pursuing one of a number of expensive, time consuming hobbies.

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Professional Portfolio

View a selection of writing samples including web content, company blogs, press releases and other content produced for both digital and print media.

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Brian Writes Things in a Blog

If Curiosity About Veganism Kills the Cat, is that Ironic?

I like to eat animals. That isn’t meant to be pompous and it’s not meant to be a political statement, it’s just a …

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Brian Vazquez has over six years of experience producing web content across digital and print media.

Brian has developed content strategies for financial, government, law, retail, health, hospitality and non-profit clients. His work with this diverse range of industries, combined with an even more diverse collection of hobbies and interests, allow him to better understand his clients’ goals and adapt his voice on a project-by-project basis. He has implemented SEO, SEM, Social Media and Email Marketing campaigns.

Brian is also familiar with front end web development and is proficient in HTML, CSS, JavaScript and PHP. He has worked extensively in WordPress and Joomla, with additional experience in Drupal and other Content Management Systems.

Every Content Strategy involves several key functions:

  • Discovering Client Goals – Discussing your goals and expectations.
  • Content Audit – Evaluating your existing content (if applicable) for quality and relevance.
  • Planning – Developing a content plan consistent with your needs.
  • Implementation – Producing, editing and curating content to execute the Content Strategy.

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