Brian VazquezI’m a writer, author and content marketing professional based in Boston.

Born in Queens, raised upstate, I try to slip in a little New York snark whenever I can. It’s the language of my people, after all.

I graduated from Newburgh Free Academy in 2004 and received my B.A. in English from Boston College in 2008.

My passion for writing began in First Grade, when I’d create nonsensical stories based on Super Mario Bros., complete with accompanying visual art. I perfected my doodles of Yoshi during this key career phase. Critics said my work was derivative.

Professionally, I’m involved with creating content marketing plans and producing, editing and curating content for both digital and print media. In my own time, I work on several personal projects, including short stories, websites and, of course, that novel.

When I’m not writing, I’m usually sinking lots of money into a long list of expensive and time consuming hobbies. I’m a one-time marathon runner (maybe only one time), two-time halfer and perpetual groaner when I have to put on my running shoes. Biking, working out and occasionally playing sports also keep me reasonably fit. Go Carolina Hurricanes! Go New York Yankees! Go New York Giants! Go Boston College Eagles!

If I’m on death row, bring me a medium rare ribeye with waffle fries and a pecan pie for dessert. If we ever do chat in real life, be prepared for lengthy conversations about cooking, gardening, raw denim, beer, scotch, tea, sailing, movies, (quality) TV, books, travel, photography and Walt Disney World.