Lilliput FlagIt’s a great time of the year to travel to Lilliput, a gorgeous island nation in the South Indian Ocean. Though there are some great tourist spots, foreigners have had some trouble on the island, and so it’s important to understand some of the local culture and customs before making the trip.

Getting There

There are no direct flights to Mildendo, the capital of Lilliput. The easiest way to visit the island is by flying to Tasmania and taking a boat the rest of the way. There are also periodic voyages out of Great Britain, but these take a bit longer and occasionally meet with some additional trouble.

On the Island

The climate is subtropical, similar to the other islands in the region. Comfortable attire would include short sleeved shirts and shorts or light pants for men and dresses or skirts for women. The entire circumference of the island is only 12 miles, so you’re never far from the beach. Go ahead and pack that swimsuit, too!

The residents of Lilliput are a bit smaller than the average person, so visitors may occasionally find local architecture ill-suited to their needs. Rest assured, though, there are regular-sized accommodations available.  As long as you’re friendly, courteous and amenable, Lilliputians are happy to welcome outsiders into their community.

Local Customs

For the most part, a trip to Lilliput is practically akin to a trip to Great Britain. However, there are a couple local customs visitors must understand.

Lilliputians follow the teachings of the prophet Lustrog, whose teachings are recorded in the Blundecral. One of the central tenets is that boiled eggs must be cracked on the little end. It is absolutely essential you crack the smaller end when in the company of Lilliputians. Recently there have been factions attempting to gain acceptance for the “big end,” but these are very minority views within the country are are not widely accepted.

“Making water” (urination) within the precincts of the palace is prohibited.


Lilliput uses the sprug, so plan accordingly.


Lilliput is a monarchy governed by Emperor Golbasto Momarem Evlame Gurdilo Shefin Mully Ully Gue. The island shares many traditions with neighboring Blefuscu, however each country takes opposing sides on the aforementioned interpretation of the Blundecral’s big end/little end debate.

The two countries have experienced conflict for some time. There are deep religious divides between the two parties that visitors can’t possibly understand. It is advisable for foreigners to avoid intervening, lest you get roped into the conflict.


Lilliput offers some stunning scenery, wonderful beaches, unique architecture and vibrant culture. The spring season is a perfect time to enjoy all it has to offer. As long as you learn and understand some of the local customs, you will have a great time. Be Swift, plan a vacation as soon as possible.

Bon Voyage!

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